Pool Installation

Refurbished Pool Installation

Palm City Pools offers professional swimming pool installation services in Perth and other areas within Western Australia. With numerous accolades from SPASA WA (Swimming Pool & Spa Association of WA), our quality refurbished fibreglass pools boast superior durability. We ensure that each pool we install is properly restored, and we even offer a 10-year structural warranty.
Our company follows a strict 6-step methodology in installing pools to make sure that everything goes according to plan:

6. Adding the Finishing Touches

Following the full installation, our team can then clean and prepare the pool for use. Upon request, we can also install additional features. With everything complete, our team can dispense some tips to our clients on how to maintain their newly installed recreational swimming pool.

Palm City Pools is dedicated toward installing high quality fibreglass pools in Perth, as well as other areas throughout Western Australia. Contact us today to schedule a design consultation. See how we can build your dream swimming pool and provide you a more beautiful home and landscape.

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