Removing Pools in Perth, Adding One, and Other Tips for Small Spaces

Making the most of a small space entails smart planning. How do you maximise a narrow outdoor space? How should you design a compact, walled-in courtyard? How many design ideas can you incorporate? These are all questions you need to sort out, especially when your small courtyard has a pool (or if you wish to add one anytime soon).




Tricks to Make any Outdoor Space Look Bigger

You can create the illusion that your courtyard is bigger than it actually is through several ingenious ways. Cool colours like grey on the walls, accented by furnishings or plantings in bright shades like red or orange, can have that effect. Lighting can also emphasise the best parts of your outdoor living space, as well as prevent undue attention to its size. Keep the space neat and clutter-free with proportional pieces of furniture.

Removing an Old Pool

If your courtyard has an existing fibreglass pool that you’ve outgrown, you can contact pool removal service companies to remove it, you might as well let others take joy in it. Companies such as Palm City Pools professionally remove and refurbish fibreglass pools in Perth so you can go ahead and work on your other plans for the courtyard.

Adding a Pool

Even if you have a small courtyard, don’t think you can’t add a plunge pool in it. Fibreglass pools come in many shapes and sizes, so you’re bound to find one that can fit in your courtyard and make it look more inviting. You can find inground swimming pool prices that will not leave a big hole in your pocket. With a small pool in place, you can enjoy your own private spa retreat at any time you wish.

Some Refreshing Ideas

With a plunge pool, the design possibilities are endless, no matter the size of your courtyard. You can create a contemporary pool lounge area with warm wooden decking, lights, and pristinely manicured grasses or shrubs. You can also add some cosy couches with wicker ottomans facing a mini fire pit.

Alternatively, you can go for a Continental design for that cool resort feel. Use furniture with white or neutral colours and clean lines, and place a few accent plants around the landscape. Add a waterfall or some water jets on the pool to keep the water fresh and to create that relaxing vacation vibe.


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