Fibreglass Pool Removal

Fibreglass Pool Removal

Swimming pools in homes can be a constant source of enjoyment for residents. It can provide recreation during summer without having to go to the beach, or be a great venue for a pool party with friends. Having a pool inherently increases the overall value of a property as well. So why do some homeowners request us to have their fibreglass swimming pools removed?

There are instances where fiberglass pools have to give way to other property improvements, such as landscaping or the construction of another structure like a garage or a guest house. In other cases, the pool may have simply outlived its purpose, as some of the residents – the children in particular – may have already grown up and moved out of the home.

When you need to have your fibreglass pool professionally removed from your property, you can count on Palm City Pools to get the job done. As specialists in the refurbishment of pre-loved fiberglass pools in Perth, we may find great use for the pool you want removed, which we often do. We can make the pool as good as new for another family to enjoy while you receive professional pool removal services that are affordable.

Removal and Transfer

In some instances, homeowners who are moving to a new property request that the pool from their first property be transferred to the new one instead of having an entirely different pool installed. Doing so effectively saves them from investing in a costly new pool and related installation services.

If you are a resident who wants to have your pool installed in your new property, we can complete the transfer for you. Not only does Palm City Pools provide professional fibreglass pool removal and installation, we also provide pool refurbishing so that you won’t have to purchase another swimming pool, and your current one will be just like a new one.

Our fibreglass pool removal services are rendered by highly skilled and trained professionals, ensuring that the process does not adversely affect the rest of your property in any way and provides as little inconvenience as possible. No matter the orientation and layout of your pool in your property, we can have it removed effectively.

Contact Us

Do you have a pre-loved fibreglass swimming pool in your backyard and want to get rid of it? No problem; contact John Raykos from Palm City Pools here and he will be intouch to arrange an inspection and removal. We are the specialists when it comes to fibreglass pool removal. Your unwanted fibreglass pool can be brought back to life and provide many more years of enjoyment to another happy Palm City Pools customer!

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