Swimming Pool Installation: On Soil Condition, Pool Resilience and cost

If you plan on installing a swimming pool in your backyard here in Perth, know that there are several factors that can affect its longevity and installation cost. Learning about them can help ensure that your pool lasts for as long you need it. Chief among these factors is the condition of the soil in which your pool will be installed.

Pool Installation

Water Pooling and Soil Condition

Underground water pooling has a direct effect on the stability of your pool. Essentially, a pool is comparable to a huge container that can be displaced if a substantial amount of water accumulates beneath it. This usually occurs when the pool is drained and there is no counterweight from the underground water. Soil that is expansive i.e. shrinks or swells dramatically depending on moisture levels, can place undue pressure on swimming pool walls. Proper installation is necessary to ensure durability, and this entails the right amount of soil or backfill, drainage and support.

In choosing the site, the soil should be consistent underneath the pool and should be stable enough to prevent shifting. Given this, your pool installer should be knowledgeable when it comes to soil engineering to determine whether there’s a need for support features such as extra piers, soil injection, or extra drainage.

Fibreglass Swimming Pools: The Most Resilient of Pools

Fibreglass pools have a long life span thanks to their strong and durable manufacturing method. Their characteristic flex-strength helps them withstand a broad spectrum of soil conditions, be it rock, clay, or sand. Moreover, their smooth surfaces are less prone to algal or dirt accumulation. This helps you save more money from maintenance issues because there’s no need to drain the pool for re-grouting or re-plastering as well as less chemical use as the surface is non porous and does not react to chemicals in the water so you do not constantly battle to keep your pH and Total Alkalinity levels in check.

Soil conditions vary between home backyards, so it’s crucial to know what you’re dealing with prior to having to spend thousands on extra’s installing your pool. Such extra costs can include rock breakers and excavators to remove rock which a standard Bobcat installation will not include. Fibreglass pools are highly resilient, even when faced with adverse soil conditions. For high-quality fibreglass swimming pools, be sure to get in touch with reputable contractors in Perth such as Palm City Pools to make the installation process a simple one.

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