Swimming Pools in Perth: Backyard Features that Add Value to Homes

Good backyard design features can enhance a property’s aesthetic appeal and even boost its long-term value—something anyone would aspire for regardless if they are keeping or selling the property. Whether going for perfectly manicured landscapes, lush gardens that require minimal maintenance, or fully equipped outdoor kitchens, homeowners can’t go wrong with employing the aid of professionals in improving their backyards.

Outdoor living


Aside from the above home improvement ideas, the addition of water features is also an effective way to enhance the beauty of outdoor living spaces. Well-placed and sufficiently equipped swimming pools in Perth homes, for instance, are good backyard design features that can serve as long-term investments for residential property owners. Aside from increasing resale value, pools also enhance the overall appearance of the home, provide hours of fun and relaxation, and allow homeowners to enjoy many health and psychological benefits.


If you are considering a pool installation for your next home improvement project, here are some backyard design ideas to consider.


A Zen Spa and Garden


A quaint plunge pool, some nature-inspired paving, tropical landscaping, and soothing water features such as fountains—these are the ingredients for a private Zen spa and garden. You can even opt for a pool with a darker surface, place stones around it, and add a water heater, so you can have a tranquil hot spring in your backyard.


A Lovely Place for Parties


A sleek, modern pool and backyard design would suit a home with more contemporary architecture. Place cosy seats beside the pool, have the area screened in, and build a pergola for particularly sunny or rainy days. You can also add custom lighting around the pool to create that lively vibe for night-time parties.


These renovations do not have to break the bank. A refurbished or second-hand swimming pool in Perth can be a more affordable choice compared to a new one. Companies like Palm City Pools offer this economical alternative as well as pool accessories. Such firms can provide top-quality products and the services of highly trained pool professionals to help you realise your vision of an ideal backyard.


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