Swimming Pools in Perth Homes Can Help Seniors Win Against Obesity

Swimming Pools in Perth Homes Can Help Seniors Win Against Obesity

While Australia isn’t the “heaviest” country in the world (Mexico is), it’s in the midst of its own weight
epidemic. According to the National Health Reporting Authority for the Council of Australian
Governments, 28% of the population is obese and another 35% is overweight. Just a generation ago,
these numbers were just 11% and 44% respectively, highlighting how quickly citizens have packed on
the pounds.

obesity trends in older australians

Sadly, this trend is true for older Australians as well. This 2004 study conducted by the Australian
Institute of Health and Welfare reveals interesting figures about senior obesity:

“•Older Australians—people aged 55 years and over—are being strongly caught up in the
national obesity epidemic.

• The number of obese older Australians is now approaching 1 million, which represents
more than one in five of our senior people.

• Their number has trebled over the past 20 years, due to the combined effect of an
ageing population and the obesity epidemic.

• These older Australians are about 6–7 kg heavier on average than their counterparts
were 20 years ago.

• Even Australians in their 50s and 60s are gaining weight as they gain years, at least
into their mid-70s.”

The study adds that being overweight or obese puts people at greater risk of developing diabetes,
hypertension, osteoarthritis and respiratory ailments, among other things. Of course, exercise can help
seniors lose the excess weight, but at their age, strenuous activities like lifting weights or even
prolonged running may cause injuries.


Fortunately, adding a swimming pool to Perth homes provides older citizens a way to exercise without
overexerting themselves. When people swim, their body is supported by the water, which reduces the
pressure on their joints. This doesn’t mean, however, that water exercises are not as effective as their
dry-land counterparts. Water is approximately 12 times denser than air, so any activity done in a pool
becomes an effective means of strength training.


Improved muscle tone isn’t the only benefit a pool offers, though. Swimming can also help seniors
preserve bone density and stave off osteoporosis. As an aerobic exercise, it also helps make the heart
stronger, which lowers the risk of contracting coronary heart disease.


Maintaining a healthy weight is a life-long commitment and physical activity is a key factor in it. If
standard exercise routines cause too much strain on your joints and muscles, call on award-winning
companies like Palm City Pools for expertly installed Perth swimming pools.


(Source: Obesity trends in older Australians, Australian Institute of Health and Welfare,
February 12, 2004)