Take a Cold Plunge in Plunge Pools to Enjoy These Health Benefits

Everybody knows that soaking in warm water has certain health benefits, hence the popularity of spas and hot tubs. What you are probably not aware of is that swimming in cold water also has positive effects on your health. The practice dates back thousands of years and is common in Oriental and Ancient Roman medicine.

You might want to rethink turning on the jets or the heating in your plunge pool the next time you go for a dip. Here are the benefits of diving into cool plunge pools in Perth.

Respite from the Heat

Obviously, the main benefit of plunging into cold water in the ocean or your own swimming pool, is relief from the heat. It can get very hot in a coastal city like Perth. In fact, according to ABC, heat stress is the number one natural killer in Australia, racking up a total number of at least 4,555 fatalities since 1900. Heat can be even deadlier than other natural disasters like floods, bushfires, storms, and cyclones combined. Fortunately, even a 30-second quick swim can give you enough respite from the heat and get your body temperature back to normal. That’s one compelling reason to call in pool companies like Palm City Pools to build a plunge pool right in your backyard.

Burn More Calories

No other exercise burns calories like swimming. Combine that with cold water, and you get to burn twice as much. Apparently, cold water makes your body work twice as hard by pushing it to keep you warm. In the process, your body burns even more calories and gives your metabolism a significant boost. Swimming in cold water also gets your blood pumping and improves circulation through repeated exposure.

Alleviate Pain

Ever wondered why athletes take ice baths after a workout or a game? That’s because cold water has a numbing effect that helps alleviate pain in the joints and muscles, not to mention triggers the release of endorphins and other hormones that have natural analgesic properties. This is very effective in relieving joint pain as well as muscle stress.

Stimulate the Immune System

Cold water is known to stimulate the immune system, releasing hormones, cytokines, and other body chemicals. Basically, cool water keeps your immune system on its toes and gives it some good practice. Studies by Czech Republic scientists show that swimming for one hour three times a week increases white blood cell count. This way, your body can be ready to take on minor diseases that might come your way.


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