Palm City Pools offers you Perth’s most affordable second hand pools. The stock fibreglass pools we sell and install in Perth are direct from Australia’s leading swimming pool manufacturer. Palm City Pool specialise in selling quality second hand pools at heavily reduced prices. There’s a large selection of sizes, shapes and colours. Most are available for immediate installation. Contact us today for a free no obligation consultation and find out more about why a fibreglass pool is a smart option for your home.

What are Fibreglass Pools?

Fibreglass pools are made using the very latest in fibreglass laminates and resin’s along with an array of modern colour finishes. Notably, fibreglass pools come pre-moulded and are ready to install. Since they are already shaped, they are one of the easiest and fastest types of pools to install.

Why Choose Fibreglass Pools?

Aside from ease of installation, homeowners can also enjoy several advantages from choosing fibreglass swimming pools. Fibreglass is less susceptible to algae growth, and is thus easier to maintain compared to those constructed with porous surfaces. Fibreglass pools also come in a variety of colours, providing limitless design options to match the landscape and overall architectural design.


Pools made from fibreglass require minimal attention for longevity and less chemicals to maintain. These pools surface is lined with a gel coat layer that protects the fibreglass body by preventing algae growth and sustaining damage from accidents and sun exposure. Pool owners have many options with when it comes to fibreglass pools, you can even remove and take it with you should you decide to move property.

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