Tips on When to Do Away with Unwanted Fibreglass Pools in Perth Homes

The frolicking in the water and sun was fun while it lasted. However, even the allure of a swimming pool at home loses its lustre with the passage of time. About Home writes about reasons some owners fall out of love with their fibreglass pools in Perth, and what should be done to discard it the most economical way.

Swimming Pool

A house with an in-ground pool in the yard has been the ultimate luxury for nearly 100 years, and the allure is not about to go away. But for some pool owners, it’s a relationship they would prefer to end. Some are opting to fill in or demolish their swimming pools rather than continue to maintain or remodel their pools.


If you do decide to go this route, hire a professional company that specializes in this service do the job for you. And before you get rid of the pool, really think about it, do your research and make sure that everyone in your household is on board.

No longer in use

The kids are all grown up and moved away. The weather isn’t quite warm enough. You don’t like swimming by yourself. You’ve given up exercising. When the excuses don’t seem to run out, then it’s a clear sign that it’s time for the pool to go. After all, why exert effort to maintain something not in use?

Maintenance costs

If you need funds to repair parts of your home or your child is off to university, the money you spend maintaining the pool will certainly go a long way. Forget about repairs or retrofitting—they’ll only put you deep into debt.

Doesn’t increase property value

Some buyers aren’t looking for the additional expense of maintaining a pool. If you’re selling your home and the pool will cost a considerable amount to fix, you’re better off having it removed to increase yard space and hopefully fetch a higher price on the market.


For families with infant or pre-teen additions, fiberglass pools in Perth may become a safety hazard. As mentioned earlier, pool experts like Palm City Pools should be consulted on the proper removal of the pool and steps to ensure the integrity of the groundwork left behind. Your kids will appreciate a lush green yard to play and roll around in once the pool’s gone.

(Article excerpt and image from “10 Reasons to fill in a Swimming Pool”, About Home)