Tips for Fibreglass Pools in Perth: How to Keep Pool Temperature Ideal

If you thought that summer was taking its sweet time to warm up, well, you’re not alone.

The Bureau of Meteorology defines a “hot day” as 35 degrees and above – and the mercury was on track to reach that threshold on Thursday.

Up until today it has been our mildest start to summer for four years. The average high temperature for December is 29.1 degrees and the minimum 16.4 degrees.

No rain has been recorded this month but we can expect, on average, about 13mm.

It’s been a drier year than normal with 674mm of rain compared with 848mm last year.

The Bureau of Meteorology says that warmer than normal summer days are more likely for most of Australia, except for western WA, western Victoria, and Tasmania.

A contributing factor was said to be average to cooler than average waters surrounding northern Australia.

WA residents can expect some summer days to be warmer, some colder. Regardless of the temperature, summer is always a great time of year to hit the pool. Granted, you may be asking yourself, wouldn’t the fluctuating hot and cold temperatures affect your pool pleasure? Yes, it will. Fortunately, there’s a workaround to this issue to ensure that owners of fibreglass pools in Perth like you can continue to enjoy pool time, any time, and that is, by managing your pool’s temperature. How do you do it? With the following tips, of course!

If your pool is heated, lower the temperature

You really don’t need to use your pool heater that much during summer, so try reducing the temperature on your equipment. Doing so will not only reduce your energy consumption, but also lower the amount of water you lose to evaporation.

Lower the pool’s water level

Less water in the pool means faster time to reach the pool’s ideal temperature. This move helps conserve water, effectively reducing water loss that stems from boisterous splashing or extreme water play.

Invest in a solar pool cover

Solar pool covers are especially useful during days when the water feels a bit nippy. Since the sun is going to be there the entire summer season, it makes sense to use this natural resource to your advantage. Apart from being a great way to heat your pool, solar pool covers also help prevent evaporation and keep water where it’s supposed to be—in your pool.

In any case, know that installers of fibreglass swimming pools in Perth like Palm City Pools are always on hand to provide you with information on how to better your pool experience.

(Source: WA’s summer running hot and cold, The Sydney Morning Herald, Dec. 11, 2014)