Utilising Plunge Pools for a Fun-Filled Poolside Party with Friends

Plunge pools are welcome additions to many households in Perth, where the city’s climate is characterised by hot and dry summers. The rest of the year is also relatively warm, which makes it possible to enjoy a plunge pool for most of the year. Winters are also pretty mild, and the city is considered particularly sunny.

Why stop with simply having a pool, though? With this addition to your home, you can have lots of opportunities for hosting fun parties. Inviting friends over and sharing a good time is a great use for a home swimming pool. Here are some suggestions for staging a poolside party.


For such an event, lifestyle portal Real Simple recommends “fuss-free” food. This means the menu should be composed of food that is both simple to prepare and easy to eat; the host won’t have too much trouble preparing meals, after all, and snack time won’t take away from the fun. Finger foods, such as crackers and crisps, come to mind. A buffet arrangement is also a good idea if you want to eliminate the need to go in and out of the kitchen to provide food.


A fun and lively atmosphere is essential for any poolside party. To set the mood, scatter brightly coloured items such as beach balls and floaters around the pool.

Building the décor around a theme is another excellent idea. Vikings, pirates, and similar concepts are some good examples. Themed or not, though, keeping things simple should be your goal.


Let cool and tasty drinks flow at your poolside party. Fruit juices, iced tea, and similar drinks are great choices for a family-friendly gathering. If all attendees are adults, cocktail mixes would be a big hit. Style magazine Glitter Guide suggests Rum Punch, Peach Lemonade Cooler, Tequila Sunrise, Strawberry Margarita, Blueberry Gin Summer Storm, Cranberry Cocktail, and Grapefruit Mojito as some great additions to the party.

Perth homeowners who are interested in having a pool installed in their residences can get in touch with companies such as Palm City Pools that specialise in sturdy and low-maintenance fibreglass pools.


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