Why a Swimming Habit Benefits Your Health

There’s nothing like taking a dip in a swimming pool on one of Perth’s glorious sunny days. When you want to cool down, nothing compares to a swim in cool water. Swimming, however, is not just about fighting the heat. A regular swimming habit can have marked benefits for your health.


One thing’s clear — a backyard pool is not just for entertainment; it’s also a great way to exercise. Here, we give you four solid reasons why a pool is great for your overall health.


Burns Calories Fast

When talking about losing weight, finding ways to burn calories effectively is crucial. Swimming pool exercise is great for getting rid of excess energy, and a thirty-minute swim can burn off around 200 calories. Not bad at all.


Whole Body Exercise

Every movement in a swimming pool fights against the resistance of the water. Swimming uses the muscle groups in the arms, legs and torso and is a low-impact, full body workout.


Regular Physical Activity

With a swimming pool at home, you’ll be more inclined to swim regularly. If you swim a few laps, several times a week, you already have a regular workout. This can build up your endurance and will help promote muscle development.


Effective Stress-reliever

When you feel the day’s stresses floating away when you’re in water, you’re not imagining it. The feel of the cool water on your skin and the repetition of the swimming strokes do have a calming effect when you are swimming. The mammalian dive reflex also activates when water hits your face which instinctively brings down your heart rate.

Swimming pools are great additions to any property. They are a wonderful way for families to relax at the weekend or on weekday afternoons. In addition, they can also increase the value of your home. Here at Palm City Pools, we build swimming pools that you and your family will fall in love with.