Why Does Perth and the Rest of Australia Love Backyard Swimming Pools?

Australians do love their swimming pools. According to Roy Morgan Research, many households across the country have pools installed right in their own backyards. Perth leads the poll, claiming 18 per cent of total swimming pool ownership (followed by Queensland, Sydney, Brisbane, and Adelaide).

Aside from the obvious reasons such as added aesthetic appeal and the ability to cool off on hot days, there’s a lot more to the popularity of swimming pools.

Deep-Rooted History

Australians are great competitive swimmers. The fondness for the sport first took off in the early 1900s to the late 1940s, during which time swimming in the ocean was highly popular. The first modern swimmers in the country introduced the Australian crawl, a famous freestyle swimming stroke. Australian athletes bagged coveted medals in the Melbourne, Rome, and Tokyo Olympics.

Perth even went on to build the Beatty Park Aquatic Centre swimming pool when it hosted the Commonwealth Games in 1962. Ian Thorpe, Murray Rose, and Dawn Fraser are some of the most iconic swimmers in sports history.

Family-Friendly Backyard Fun

According to Women’s Agenda, Perth ranks fifth on the list of the most family-friendly cities in the nation. The city’s penchant for swimming pools might have something to do with that: Research shows that households with children aged 6-11 at home are 15 per cent more likely to own likelihood of swimming pools. Meanwhile, a 20 per cent increase is projected for people with children aged 12-15. Kids naturally love swimming pools, which is why a pool is one of most sought-after features (along with extra bedrooms) among property buyers.

Modern Living and Luxury

Swimming pools specifically built for recreation are viewed as symbols of modern living and luxury. Indeed, swimming pools are among the most luxurious features you can add to any home. Swimming pools serve as places for people to socialise and bond.

Australia’s soft spot for swimming and pools has allowed the nation’s pool industry to flourish. In response to market demand, celebrated pool providers such as Palm City Pools offer reasonable in-ground swimming pool prices that you’ll find hard to resist.


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