Why Swimming Pools are Making Waves in Perth Homes

Perth home owners like you will understand how the hot weather can get in the way of outdoor fun with the family. With a sizeable swimming pool in your backyard, however, you not only bring back fun-filled family bonding time; you and your loved ones also get to cool down while exercising. As such, it’s no wonder why swimming pools are constantly popular in Perth homes.

In addition to cooling you down and bringing you an outdoor activity you can’t resist, why do swimming pools continue to be popular among homeowners in Perth and the rest of Australia?

Pools in the News

An article from Perth Now recently reported how homeowners are a growing market for custom-made pools. Perth residents cite adding value to their homes and having an area to cool down in, within their property, as the top reasons for installing swimming pools. Others claim that having a backyard pool allows them to extend their entertainment area to the outdoors, as the water feature presents a number of opportunities for decoration and design.

Pool contractors claim that installing a swimming pool at home enhances the property’s aesthetic and resale value. Adam Gilbert, director of a real estate company, says that pools add emotional attraction to the home and are appealing to home buyers looking for “the complete deal”.

Swimming Pools Are Undeniably Valuable

These, and other well-known benefits of the pool as a home feature, such as the ability to swim and exercise at home, explain why pools continue to be popular with Australian homeowners. As a Perth resident, you may or may not agree with these reasons, but you can’t deny that swimming pools are a valuable feature in any property.

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