Is it Worth It? Helpful Tips on Buying Inground Pools in Perth

There are a lot of considerations to make for having an inground pool, most especially the fact that they cost more than having an aboveground swimming pool. Nevertheless, they have their own advantages, especially on the value of your home.

Inground Pool Cost

In an article for Home Improvement Pages, writer Rob Schneider walks us through the costs of buying and installing an inground swimming pool:

Inground pools can be made of concrete or fibreglass:

  • A concrete swimming pool with tiling starts at around $38,000.
  • Fibreglass pools start at about $25,000.

These prices include everything you need to get your pool installed, including council fees, excavating and preparatory work. They also include your pumps, filters and chlorinating system, but do not include a pool heater, paving, fencing or other costs beyond installation of the pool itself. If you go with concrete, bear in mind that the tile you choose can make a significant difference to the pool’s price. […]


If you choose fibreglass, your choices will be limited to the sizes and shapes of the pools designed by the manufacturer. On the other hand, fibreglass pools are said to require less maintenance than concrete pools and manufacturers offer dozens of styles and even colours for you to choose from.

Having a concrete inground swimming pool is custom made and costs more than one made of fibreglass, for it includes tiles and other items to personalise the pool. Furthermore, it requires heavy and regular maintenance in order to prevent algae from building up, unlike in fibreglass swimming pools, where they use less chemicals and are cheaper to maintain.


Both kinds of pools, however, require additional costs for fencing and paving. You’ll have to complement your garden to your swimming pool and create a pavement where you and your children can pass through when going to the pool. Nowadays, however, fibreglass pools are not limited to ovals or rectangles. There are many varieties of fibreglass pools in Perth to choose from which can be viewed online such as those from Palm City Pools. They offer a variety of second-hand and refurbished fibreglass pools that look just like new as well as brand new swimming pools also.


Having a pool in your house not only adds up to its beauty and value. It’s also a place where you, your family, and your friends can hang out and even relax a bit. Having an inground swimming pool can be costly, however, so it’s best to find the cheapest inground swimming pool prices deals around Perth while not compromising on quality or value for your money.


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